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I always thought that holding together the tester tips of a multimeter in Ohm mode would read zero. Mine keeps jumping all over the place. Any ideas if that is normal?

polar bear6:
is it realatively big numbers, it might be that your not holding them totaly together, and it may be touching your finger or something.
i just checked with mine, and it jumps from 6-7 ohms....
maybe you have blown the fuse, i did that once, and the numbers were flying like hippies on crack, it was wierd.

it still measures voltage from batteries perfectly, just not ohms from anything.

yup, not normal.
i'm not at home just now so i can't check but i'm fairly sure mine reads zero on all settings when you measure resistance and press the probes together.
a multi meter really is one of the components you don't want to economise on when buying.
i ended up buying quite a good one a load of years ago and have never regretted it.

you don't need lots of features (mine is only ever used for measuring voltage, current and resistance) but having a stable meter that you don't have to worry about damaging with excessive current (within reason) is definitely a good thing.


also i have found that meters that beep when shorted( ie continuity meter) are very usefull.


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