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Where do I find the Cirrus CS-600 servo?


For once Google is not helping. I see links to people asking about it but no actual indications of where to buy them.  has the specs, an awesome 333oz/inch torque. But they dont sell it. :/

found this one and it has same power but it's out of stock....might be restocked soon?

here is this one:

looks like a futaba version is coming soon:

Sigh....that is why I need to learn how to make a motor into a servo. That Futaba costs like $80 each. I can't spend $960 on servos, it takes me months to save up that much.

I think it's been said before by the admin but.......
big is hard to do....

maybe scale down your design some? because I garuntee you will spend more time makeing servo's than you will makeing money to buy the servos.


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