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How about this USB stepper controller?

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I want to use this to replace the circuit board of my printer to control the motors. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with this product or if anyone can tell if it would be worth buying? Or if there is another better product I could buy. I emailed them and they said this would cost 85 Australian dollars plus shipping of 20 AUD.. which is equal to 85 USD.

I am also wondering if this would be able to work with the 2 high resolution encoders my printer has.

Another cool thing is that this supposedly comes with a program to control it, already. Which would be nice for me, because I know zero aobut programming. But, I am wondering  how programmable it is or if it is like a remote control or if it can be programmed to run automatically in a complex fashion repeatedly.

Basically, what I want to do is make a animatronic type robot, using my old inkjet printer, that is USB controlled. But I want it to move as accurately as possible. I'm not sure how accurate this controller is. I think it said it moves in half steps.. I think I  need something that does microstepping. Does that depend more on the stepper motor or the controller?

I hope I am making sense.. I am trying to figure all this out. Any help or input would be awsome.

Here's another one.. this one seems to have a lot of features. But it also seems to only control one motor. If I was to only control one motor at a time could I switch from motor to motor using this?


that gamatronix controller is for regular dc motors, not stepper motors . . . are you sure if your printer has a stepper? dc motors would have 2 wires, steppers have 4+

if it is a stepper . . .

do a google search on stepper motor driver, the first page has good links

a few stepper drivers:



stepper motor driver ic's


As for the encoders, those are independent of the motors. You can use any encoder with any motor, although encoders are rarely used with steppers for good reason . . .

Oh.. shoot.. I think you are right. My printer has 3 motors:

1 for paper feed.. 2 wires (has a rotary encoder)
1 for printer head positioning.. 2 wires (has a linear encoder)
1 for cleaning the printer heads.. this one is a stepper and has 5 wires. (no encoder)

This one maybe?


But I don't see anything about encoders...  :-\


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