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Some motor help please

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Hello I have this motor...and it is connected to an RF board that turns it on by pressing a button on a controller and off by releasing that button.

The problem I am having is that I can only make it turn one way....and I need it to turn the other way.

My remote has 4 channels so I want one button to turn it one way and another button to turn it the other way...

So I thought all i had to do was wire 2 circuits.  One connecting one channel (button a) to make it spin one way and the other connecting another channel to make it spin the other way.  But when I did it like that it seemed to short out both circuits and all i get are sparks...

I wish I could upload a picture to explain what I mean...maybe i can draw a diagram...

Please help me!!!  My friends say i'm a girl so i can never do help me prove them wrong please!!

Here is something I Drew...kinda basic but you get the idea...(hopefully hehe)

obviously red is positive and black is negative

oops sorry wrong picture...

Ok I think i messed it up the first time I did it...must have wired it wrong...


This time i followed my diagram and it kind of started running...but not when i press the button....and if i press a button to try to turn it the other did....but then smoke started coming out of the motor.....what does that mean?!?!?

please help me!!!

Fredrik Andersson:
I guess what you need is a H-bridge.

However, we should sort out what happened here first. When no button is pressed, you have a closed circuit that goes through the ground (the outer black wire on your diagram), through the motor and then through the outer red wire, thus making the motor spin. When a button is pressed, all you should get is a short circuit (and eventually sparkles).

Now that i think of it, it may be to complicated with a H-bridge for this, though you could try because you'll probably learn a lot from it. Here is a link to it:

The easiest approach here would be using two batteries, connected parallel to the motor but with opposite directions and with a button wired into each of them. This way you'll create two separated circuits. You could still create a short circuit through pressing both buttons, because it will make the batteries connect serially.

Good luck, and prove your friend they are really wrong ;)


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