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Modifying Servos for $50 Robot


I have just begun to modify the servos in the $50 Robot tutorial.  I see the mechanical stop that must be modified.  I don't see the pot.  I am using the HS-311 from the parts list.  The pictures don't look the same as my servos.  Is it possible that this servo pot does not have to be modified?

When you take off the main gear, the one right under the horn, you should see a rectangular prism thing that seems to go all the way down into the servo.

If you have any problems ask, maybe the servo is defective but it's highly unlikely.

So the "rectangular prism thing" is what is to be superglued to prevent its movement?  (I see the rect. prism thing.)

I figured out what needs to be done.  I reread the tutorial and determined the that the slotted gear that interfaces with the pot on my servos does not have a removeable slot.  I plan to carefully drill it out as I want to keep the pot out of the way, inside the servo case.  I will super glue the potentiometer shaft in the 0 degrees position.  Thanks for your assist garriwilson!

Stay tuned, I'm sure I will have more questions.

you're welcome  :P


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