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I have decided to build myself a R/C helicopter, but I have no clue how to go about it. My knowledge of helicopters is very limited. I know how to make it turn, and go up, but that is all. Can anyone help me with things like tilting foward and backward, as well as descending, making the rotor and blades and choosing the right motor?. I want it to be able to carry about a Kilogram on top of its own weight.

polar bear6:
well, building a helicopter isnt an easy task, and not a big one as you want it too, 1kg is alot of weight.
there you can get tips and stuff, but I think building a helicopter is a very hard thing to do.

There are many types of helicopters (dual rotor, quadrotor, etc.), so the difficulty is dependent on that as well.

I recommend buying a cheap rc helicopter toy from radioshack and hack it to figure out how it works.
Maybe 250 grams is more realistic.

I have figured out ascending and descending, left and right, but still can't puzzle out how to make the copter lean fowards or backwards. All I can think of for this, is to have a rack and pinion with a weight on it. but that will be heavy.

don't heli's use gyros for some purpose?

Seems like if you had a good enough gyro you could tilt it which would exert a tourqe on it....tiliting the copter maybe?

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