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Hi, I'm new to this website and the concept of building robots.  I'm looking to participate in a competition where I have to build a robot that can move objects (batteries, index cards and tennis balls for a few) into a box.  I have read some of the tutorials, but I have to say I was a little overwhelmed with all of the the information and I have NO IDEA  ??? about some of the stuff they talk about... Just to start, how would I go about making a RC robot that has differential drive?  What parts and building are required?  Thanks for any help in advance!

Buy an up-market RC car with a diff, sellotape some plywood over it, and you're finished.

Thanks, but even though I am a beginner, I'd like to make something myself.  I am going for simplicity, but that doesn't mean that I do not want to be challenged.  Thanks again anyway. :)

How much do you know about electronics?

The mechanical parts are usually just common sense, what in particular is confusing you?

For example, you could buy two gearmotors, bolt them to a chasis, fit wheels to them, solder up motor drivers to switch the motors, solder up a microcontroller to control them, make a regulator to power the chips, stick some batteries in, program the uc and drive away.

What part(s) of that are confusing you? Or is it the overall design that you're not sure of?

A lot of the design decisions can come down to what tools you have and what parts you can get cheaply enough.

Can you tell us more about your requirements?

A good place to start is to write a list of requirements, then searching one item at a time for what you can do to fulfill that requirement.

For example, if you need a motor, then look up stuff like where to buy one, how to select for torque, how to control a motor, how much power would it draw, etc.

Its also a good idea to read about other robots to get ideas.

--- Quote ---even though I am a beginner, I'd like to make something myself.
--- End quote ---
You must decide what your limit is on buying vs making stuff. Do you want to buy capacitors or make them? Do you want to coil your own motors or buy them?

I prefer to buy everything if possible, only making what I can't buy. And I'm definitely not a beginner!

There is a lot to absorb for your first bot - if you decide to make everything on your first try, you're in for a long long journey :P


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