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Can I power two servo motors with the same battery supply or will I need to use seperate supplies

Depends on a number of things.
How much torque will each motor need?
How long do you want the motors to run?
How fast do you want the motors to spin?

Generally with servos you want 4.8- 6 volts and generally have about 1.5 too 3 amps available (depends on the size). Once you decide on how many volts and amps you need you can start shopping for batteries and pick one that suits your price range (that has a decent amount of storage). Remember that if you have a battery that has 5000mah and you draw 1amps per hour it will last 5 hours (roughly).

For a hobby type project I reccomend Nickle Metal Hydride. They offer the best performance and safety value for hobby applications. Unless it's carefully controlled environment or you have some hardware to monitor them, I wouldn't get don't want to fry your project because you accidentally drew to many amps or killed the battery because you let the voltage drop to far.

I think wat he means is can you power 2 servos on 1 4.8 battery pack or do you need 2? If you use 1 doesn't that make your batteries last 1/2 the time it would if u had 2? ;D

If you have them in parallel then yes.

Parallel or Series would give about the same life (parallel=Vconst, Iadd. series=Vadd, Iconst). The issue is that in series the first unit will probably starve the second for voltage. Torque and speed can be fine tuned with simple gear ratios. If your using Li-on batts. then use two their light weight and the energy is easy to recharge. I your using Metal Hydride try for one, you need to bleed them dry to prevent the 'memory effect' anyway. If your using Lead Acid...pack your bags and go home before you blow one up and end up in the hospital  :P. The choice doesn't make too much difference past these considerations, but if you do decide on using two isolate the common/ground/black lead to make sure there is no feed back. P.S. if you run one in parallel make sure the load provided by your motors is about the same or your amplifiers may play favorites.


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