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how to solder LCD display


hi, i juz bought a new LCD display after damaging my previous one. How do i solder the pin header onto the LCD???

There are some copper track that run on the top side while the others run on the back side from the pins holes. After insecting the pin header, i can only solder one side of the LCD because on the other side, there is the black plastic thing that prevent me from soldering. Is it okay juz to solder one side?

A quite similar LCD to what i talking about can be found here,

not sure if this is the best idea but . . .

you can drill out the little holes in the copper track and insert a male header. then you can attach a ribbon cable directly to the male header.

looks really tough to solder that . . . does the website for the LCD have any examples of it connected to something?

im thinking it is meant to slide into a connector, like a video game cartridge . . .

I bought this from gumstix which seems very similar:

here is a good shot of the problem area:

it should be ok to just solder one side.
as long as it's a fairly high quality circuit board the contacts on the top and bottom should be joined through the hole.
you can verify this with a multimeter. if there is no resistance between the copper on both sides of each hole you can assume they are joined and just solder one side.



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