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a very new type of robotic problem....

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hello friends,while going through one of the competitions i faced this problem..there is a wall 15(height)*100(length)*5(width)..a robot whose maximum dimensions are given (10(height)*30(length)*15(width))[ALL DIMENSIONS ARE IN CENTIMETERS]
the robot has to cross this wall by any all the wall climbing mechnaisms like pneumatics or anything like crawling on the obstacle fail because of the short height of the wall 15 cm..So the robot should use some mechanism like toppling over the wall maybe that is why they permitted such large length double of the height of the wall...plz suggests any mechnaisms to work upon..

If you only have to cross the wall once you could piossibly use a really large spring.

I'm imagineing a robot that uses tank treads for locomotion.
But there are two sections of the tank with a hinge in the middle.
So the tank normaly trives around folded up and then deploys it's other section when it needs it.
and then it just sets the top section down on the ledge and snakes over it in a catiplliar type of fassion....
If that sounds interesting I guess I could draw up a quick schematic but remember I draw like a 4 year old.

jesse i was looking for such kind of an answer...can you elaborate on this and a bit more stress on how do u achieve that folding structure with a robot..

probably the easiest thing would be to use 2 servos as such
__________                 __________
 \________/                 \________/

So bare with the ascii art but 'o' is a servo and '{' is an attachment point to the chassis.
the tanks treads are on the bottom and the electonics or on the second layer so most of the
time it rides around like this:
  _L_______     [ 

Se that L? I would make some kind of resting bracket so you
could turn off the servos and only turn them on and waste power
when you needed to.

makeing sense yet? you'd have to work with you design to make it fit but it
would be pretty mobile untill you extended the tail out.

The key to this design would be to make it realativly light (as with any design)
on both ends.

Maybe admin can coment on the mechanical feasablility of my silly design.
But if you make it you should give it a good name. Like "Cobra-Comander" or something :P


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