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Maxbotic EZ1 Sonar Sensor


I'm having some trouble with the MaxBotix EZ1 sonar...any one ever use it?
Here is the web page: http://www.maxbotix.com/

I can use the analog ok but it's possible for me to use the serial.
I know my serial code works on my AVR but I keep getting junk
out of this thing. Any one ever use the Serial option on it?

Thanks for the help

Hi Jesse,

The serial on the Maxbotics isn't really logic level serial. True, it does use logic levels, but it uses them in a way that allows a PC to be plugged in directlly. You have a couple of options to connect it to your AVR.
1 - Invert the Tx and Rx lines (using a hardware inverter).
2 - Stick a Max232 or similar between the maxbotix sensor and the AVR (treating the maxbotix sonar like an RS-232 level device).

I wrote up a page over here:

which explains the differences between the various voltages. The maxbtox sensor is behaving like a device which uses "logic level RS-232".

Yea I ordered in some level shifters in and am working it out this weekend.


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