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need help on microswitch output


i need help. i have connected two micrositches which act likeĀ  whiskers, to detect obstacle, to a basic stamps input ports. there is no problem when the output is giving value 1. it gives constant all the time. but, when 0....it fluctuates.not constant 0 instead a combination of 1 and 0 values. so, when this happen...at certain conditions,the motors seem to be stucked, not knowing which direction to go for.

i need to know what can i do to make the 0's to be all zeros instead of the combinations number of 0 and 1.pls help me. im in the state of giving up thinking after tried many attempst to fix it. :'(

thank you

silly me....just ignore this post. the microswitch has three terminals NC, NO and Common.....

i totally forgot to connect either the NO or NC with the ground. after connctd, the 0s are always 0s. muahahahaha :D ;)


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