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I'm very new to robot building and have purchased some parts in the hopes of putting a robot together.  Unfortunatly I'm unable to understand how to put the parts together and the instructions are not clear to me.  I'm having trouble with:
HFS-04MG mirco 4 channel FM
    *Where do I plug the power cord in?
    *What goes into the "B/CH4" slot?

"C-25 Controller" electronic speed controler:
    *Is there some examples on the internet that show how this is used?
    *This comes with instructions but I'm too new to understand them.  Where can I get some help on using this item?

    *On the back on my transmitter there are numbers 1-8, each with a switch with can be moved up to the "on" position or down.  What does this do?  Where can I find information on how to use this?

Obviously I need help.  I've read most of the information on the "Society of Robots" web site but didn't find the answers I'm seeking above.

Thanks in advance.

For some answers to your receiver questions, go to Hitec’s support page in the link below, and click the FAQ button (turn off your popup blocker first).
Your C-25 motor speed control will connect to it’s own battery of 5-8 cells (9.6V) - (red lead to + and black lead to -); To the motor you’re driving (white lead to motor + and blue lead to motor -); And to a servo slot on your receiver (black plug with twisted wires). The largest motor you can control with a C-25 is a “Speed 500”.
What model transmitter do you have? Some Hitec/JR models have a variable rate control switch (fast/slow) for each channel – this is probably what you’re looking at. Some other brands have multi-frequency capability – but I’ve never heard of one with 8 dip switches.


--- Quote ---*Where do I plug the power cord in?
*What goes into the "B/CH4" slot?
--- End quote ---
RC equipment has been designed to be fool proof, so if you plug it in the wrong way nothing will fry. The B stands for battery. The reason why it also allows CH4 (channel 4) is if you use a Y harness you can add a battery and a servo in the same slot in any slot.

The C-25 controller is basically an H-bridge that operates by an RC signal. Plug one wire into the reciever, two onto the battery leads, and two on the motor leads - and wallah its controllable by your transmitter. I was thinking about getting one of those speed controllers for myself just a few days ago . . . I think Ill add them to the remote control robot tutorial now . . .

The transmitter manual that Militoy gave you should help you with your last question.

Thanks for the great info so far. 
The remote transmitter that I have came from a helicopter that I purchased and then proceded to crash.  The name on it is "Walkera"  I don't see any other identifying info except for this:  "FCC ID: RXL WKMH04" and "PL0824-07Q". 

The Walkera brand transmitter (Model 35?) does have 10 rate control/function switches on the back. Their functions are:
1.   Elevator
2.   Aileron
3.   Throttle
4.   Rudder
5.   Helicopter/Acrobatic
6.   Tail
7.   CCPM/Normal
8.   Unlock/Lock
9.   Pit
10.   Gear
Each of these switches change the way certain controls on the transmitter respond to your hand movements on the actuators. I would hookup your servos to your receiver, and experiment with each control that corresponds to a servo slot you have filled up. You will find your own preference for the best way to set each active switch. And remember, like it says in the Walkera Manual:
“Alarm: it is danger when battery is abnormity fever or breaking”!


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