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Hey all,

I am trying to build a robot, and have another thread in the mechanical part of this site (http://www.societyofrobots.com/robotforum/index.php?topic=301.0) , but I started this to address my other concerns. Hopefully, this thread will continue and be updated.

My first question: How does the micro-controller receive signals from the H-bridge, and how it would send signals to the servos? I understand that it is connected through a mounted port, but I'm wondering what what it actually sends. I am trying to understand my project as much as possible. Thanks!


--- Quote ---How does the micro-controller receive signals from the H-bridge?
--- End quote ---
The H-bridge does not send out signals - the microcontroller sends signals to the H-bridge by making the digital output pins high or low.

The digital output pins are also used for sending out signals to servos, but instead the signal is a special frequency.

If you are using remote control, then you probably dont need a microcontroller or an H-bridge. Read this tutorial:
Basically you buy a remote and a reciever, attach a battery and your servos to the reciever, and you're done!

I see now.

My second question: if I were to use a Play Station 2 controller to control my robot through my microcontroller, how would I program my micro-controller. What I mean is, how do I synchronize buttons on the controller to preform certain tasks on the robot?

hmmmm looks hard:

but ive never tried . . .

i recommend just making your own switch box, or going remote controlled

The other option, if you are a PC programmer, is to use a Logitech gaming pad, which can be wireless or not. DirectInput makes it fairly easy to interface to a device like that from any MS language like VB...

- Jon


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