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I've started a blog to talk about my project, which I've decided to call MicroRaptor. You can read about it here:

- Jon

Hmmm that Robotis product you mention looks really good . . . gives freedom to build what you want unlike other biped kits . . .
(look at the korean page for complete info, and the english page for menu button translation)

i plan to steal your biped ideas when you're done  ;D

There are a lot of places that sell it now - one place in the US is:

There's a link to the Canadian supplier on my blog.

I ordered a couple of the AX-12 servos from them. Download the AX-12 manual, its definitely an interesting read...

And you're welcome to use any of my ideas - that's why I put them on the web...   ;D

- Jon

maybe you should consider some kind of copy-left on them then?

Hey, if anyone can figure out how to implement what I'm talking about from my vague descriptions, they are more than welcome to it...

- Jon


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