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sale: servo controllers, gyros, GPS video overlay


Our unmanned air vehicle company is clearing out extra hardware. We have a pile of 8-channel servo controller boards, gyros and GPS video overlay boards, all new in packaging. I'll be selling these dirt cheap on E-bay until we run out. Here is more info:

CSM 560SL Gyro with PC interface, commonly used in RC Helicopters

SV203 Servo Controller Board by pontech (www.pontech.com)

GPS Video overlay board puts long/lat, speed, direction and date/time on your video. By Intuitive Circuits LLC.

I hope somebody out there can put this stuff to use. E-mail me for more info. We'll also be clearing out some wireless video equipment soon.


I'm interested in the servo controllers and the GPS circuit

please let me know as to how I should proceed.

ciyaaa soon

I missed your auction on the CSM gyro - Will you be listing more of them?

I've worked with fiber optic and MEMS gyros, and played with a WWII mechanical one I have - but haven't had the opportunity to test out one of the Tokin ceramic piezo units yet.


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