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$50 Robot with AVR ISP mkII 6 pin

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Before I started building the $50 robot I thought it would be good to have some kind of circuit diagram or at least a check list of what needs to connect to what. Mainly so I could check my soldering, volatages etc etc. So thought I would post the attached PDF document (in a ZIP file) that allows you to turn on/off layers on the board to see what's what. Old news to most - but 'may' be good news to some.

why havent i seen this before. this is great. IMO it should be added to the original tutorial. it would have solved so many questions on the forum

No question, admin has to put this in the tutorial. This is amazing. Admin IMO you should put this in the 50$ tutorial as soon as you see this. This will be very helpful. Thank you webbot this is a great contribution.

Just wanted to say thank you also.  This is great!  Really helpful!

WOW, this is impressive, I had trouble trying to figure out what all is connected to what, and I didn't even know that this was possible in a PDF!


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