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$50 Robot with AVR ISP mkII 6 pin

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This is great! I was worried about the connections for the $50 robot, but this is just so much simpler! I'm definately using this when I make the microcontroller. No doubt that Admin has to put this in the tutorial.


Let me add my voice to the "this should be in the tutorial" chorus.

Ok, its been added as a link right under the colored dot schematic.

(debating how long it will take for all questions on the schematic to suddenly end up in this thread :P)

This way is much easier for me to understand! =D The dotted schematic didn't show where the other breakaways went... Do not know why that confused me.

Anyways, Appreciate your efforts for creating this!  ;D

did you do this all by yourself or did you have help from a program(obviosly Adobe to show it off)
i need to know,because i want to create a baord from this schematic and i need a program to change it into a pcb

cheers goatfish


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