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Hello. I am new to this, so please excuse any wrong terminology. I am trying to connect servos to my PC to do some animatronics work. All the boards which I find connect through a serial or COM server, however all I have are USB and firewire ports. Does anybody here know of any USB based servo controllers?

This would allow you to use any serial device through usb

Note there are USB to TTL serial and USB to RS232 serial...which you need depends on the servo board you have.

OK thanks. One other thing i seem to notice is that I am going to need a power supply. I have a 500watt PC power supply which supplies 12V and 5V currents. If i fix it so that it runs when its not plugged into a motherboard, will that be suitable to power the microboard. I have an 11 amp moter which I need to connect. Does anyone know of a MCU that will handle that much juice?


--- Quote ---will that be suitable to power the microboard
--- End quote ---
microcontrollers require typically .1A maximum (yes, it will work)

--- Quote ---I have an 11 amp moter which I need to connect. Does anyone know of a MCU that will handle that much juice?
--- End quote ---
what you need to use is called a motor driver (search the forum for it for more info)

and a link for where to buy motor drivers/controllers:

Hi, I wanted to control servos over USB and contacted these guys www.mirrorbow.com  who have a natty little USB IO board.  The board itself is spec'd to have 24 digital IO, 2 Analog to digital channels and a PWM, all self powered and controlled over USB (though you need extra power for your add ons like servos).  It simulates a com port, which was a boon as its much easier to write a program on a PC to send commands to a com port than to fiddle with DLLs and talk to USB directly.
The good news is that when I asked the tech guy at Mirrorbow about servo control, he already had a prototype which turns one of the ports into an 8 bit servo controller (for 8 servos), so they supplied me with a board with that software in it.  Its working great! 

If anyones interested in the servo functionality make sure you contact Mirrorbow first as I got the firmware on request.



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