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where do i get photoresitors from.


I am newbie. I would like to know where can i get the photoresistors.
Does some one know the vendors who give out samples ?
As for my first project i require only 2.

Thanks in advance

Heres a couple of sites.


Photoresisters are failrly cheap. If you try calling the companies they might have some supplies that they can donate to your project/cause.

radioshack and digikey.com have them too

For only 2 pieces, I recommend Radio Shack (if they have what you need). Almost any part is available directly from the manufacturer as samples – but typically only to design functions of OEM manufacturers, who are buying components in quantity. Still – it doesn’t hurt to ask! Digi-Key is a good source of a wide variety of parts – as well as a guide to which parts may be readily available, and which may be hard to find. The only hassle with them for smaller purchases is that they have a minimum order amount – I think $25 now. When I select a part from a manufacturer’s website or catalog, I’ll often look up the part on Digi-Key’s site, to make sure I’m not picking a part that will be hard to source. If their stock status is “0” quantity, that’s a red flag. As a side note to those using Digi-Key or Newark, etc. exclusively, there is a good site that will check both price and stock status of multiple sources – FindChips.com. You just enter in your part number there, and you’ll find out which distributor has stock at the best price.


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