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I just bought an MCU to control all my servos, however I also have an 18 amp motor (12V) which I would also like to control. I understand that there are cards out there which are made specifically to control DC motors. The problem that I am having is that most only support 4 amps or so. Does anyone know where I can find a controller that will support atleast 22 amps (ideally higher because I may need to upgrade)?

Ok, what you want is a motor driver (search the forum for more info).

22amps is really high . . .

this can do 20A continious (30A peak)

check this parts list for motor controllers and drivers

Alright well the motor is only 18 amps, but I dont know what the rule of thumb is with amp padding. The one you listed would probably work. I don't see a serial port on that driver, does that connect to my MCU?

I found this controller which provides more amps, and is a little cheaper, it just doesnt have all the bells and whistles of the other one: http://www.lynxmotion.com/Product.aspx?productID=493&CategoryID=10.

It mentions that a .05HP motor is the maximum it can handle. Why would the HP matter as long as you are within the necessary amp and volt range?

my rule for current is:
the allowable continuous current of the driver should be higher than motor stall current.

the 4th paragraph:  :P

"you can control a motor with: analog voltage, radio control, serial and packetized serial"

I recommend using a digital output pin of the microcontroller to do the radio control method.


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