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1st undergrad major in robotics offered!!!


"Kenneth Stafford, director of Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s robotics program and professor of mechanical engineering, announced yesterday that WPI will offer the first robotics engineering major in America."

So at CMU this was always a big debate . . . some people said a robotics major was a no-brainer . . . others said it was too specific of a degree and wouldnt be useful for a non-robotics career. I understood their argument, but I enjoyed robotics too much to want to listen . . . Plus CMU offered more (and better) grad level robotics classes to undergrads than any other university in the world . . .

I wonder what the demand is for this . . . 10,000 applicants from US alone?

yea well, just now completing my BS.....:-[
only wish I could get into CMU for grad though, but it looks down right immpossible for me...

haha yea . . . they rejected me . . .  :'(

we should start our own university of robots! who needs them! ;D
wait.....Society of Robots.....University of Robots....:o...Coincidence or Providence?


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