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Hey folks, i'm new to electronics and trying to get started on my first project. I want to
make a circuit to monitor temperature. ex: if temp. drops below say 40 degree f, then,
sound an alarm. Way out there would be to not sound an alarm but to make a telephone
call with a message like "PLANTS ARE FREEZING"

Once again, i'm new don't even know what parts to buy.
Really appreciate any help.


If you want to use a micro-controller, you can simply use an analog temperature sensor, and feet it into an A/D converter to get temperature in degrees C.

Go to www.digikey.com and type in LM19CIZ-ND in the product search window.

You could probably do the first part with one of those sensors, and an analog comparator, but someone else will have to supply the details.

- Jon

National Semiconductor has a nice little handbook on temperature sensors that you may find helpful. There are several application circuits shown in it that may give you some ideas - even if you don't use one of their parts in your design.

if in the future you plan for it to make a call, might be best to use a PC for the sensing and calling.

a quick google search gave me these usb temperature loggers:


and this one claims it can call your cell phone:
"Alarm to any mobile via SysManSMS Server"

thanks for the info. the handbook @ national semiconductor is a great start. found a sensor and receiver
already built at one of the box stores that does everything i want to do except make a phone call for
only 15.00 but, i want to learn how to build it myself.


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