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Modern Marvels Logging Tech Robot


There is an advanced, six legged, walking robot used for logging that is showcased on the History Channel's Modern Marvels - Logging Tech today.

If you can catch a repeat, it's worth it.  I'll save you time by telling you all that they saved it for the last ten minutes of the show.

There is also some informative stuff about Chinese advances in ship technology which might be of interest to aquatic robot builders.  I know it gave me an idea or two.  That is on THC's Where Did It Come From?  "Ancient China:  Masters of the Wind"

Both shows are being repeated later today.  I just checked.

Im assuming you mean the Plustech Walking Forest Machine?



Its been out for quite awhile, its really neat! Im very impressed with it . . .

Yeah, that's the one.  Sweet!!!


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