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I work for a company that makes motion control products.  I was wondering if anyone needs a DC motor power amplifier for driving motors at 100A continuous current at up to 30V.  This "amplifier" would accept motor control commands from a serial port connection, an R/C receiver output, or from an H-Bridge output for driving a much smaller motor.  Power is supplied by an external high-power source connection (12V car batteries, etc).  I was thinking we should add something like this to our existing product line if there is enough interest.  I know I am interested - is anyone else?  The device would probably be in the mid $100 range.  No fans or moving parts, probably around 4"X3"X2" in size.



The current and voltage range is way above what is typical for hobbyist projects, but this would be good marketed towards Battlebot type robots . . .

The fact that it is solid state, medium sized, and has a good price I think you have something there . . . I would use the RC input . . .

A dual version (for two motors) might be better? 95% of the time I need a motor driver, I need it for two motors . . .

This would be a good place to check out what is currently available on the market:
You should call and ask them which products are selling really well . . .

Thanks for the suggestions.  I will also search through the Battlebot forums.


I would suggest going in for H-bridge circuits for high current applications.

As they are much more rugged than IC based controls.

It just occurred to me today that there is probably a high demand for waterproof motor drivers, for applications like UUV's and off-road/military robotic vehicles.

No one is currently making them . . .


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