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RSSC June Contest -- Final Rules
Here are the final set of rules for the June 2008 "Pick Up After The Kids" robot contest.
After considerable debate at the February meeting of the RSSC (Robot Society of Southern California) meeting, we resolved all the issues involved in the robot contest. The changes we made are incorporated in this final set of rules.

The purpose of the "Pick Up After The Kids" contest is to motivate people to build robot hands that can grasp a wide variety of object shapes, this must be accomplished autonomously (no remote control allowed).  A secondary purpose is to answer the question "Can your robot do anything useful?"  Answer = "Yes, It can pick up the things the kids leave on the floor."

The contest will be held at an RSSC meeting in Orange County, California. See www.rssc.org for contest date and driving directions.

1. The contest will be on the floor. The robot does not need a mobile base.
2. A judge who will not be entering the contest will be selected one month before the contest.
3. The judge will collect a random assortment of the objects frequently used at his/her home and bring them to the contest. No one will know ahead of time the identity of these objects.
4. There will be 25 objects. No two will have the same shape. Each object can be grasped and lifted by one human hand without using a tool. No object will be heavier than 4 ounces.
5. On the day of the contest, each robot will be placed on the floor and the maximum reach of the robot will be determined. The judge will place all of the objects randomly, within reach of the robot hand. The judge will use discretion to avoid piling objects on top of one another.
For some robots, it might be necessary to use smaller objects, there will still be 25 different objects.
6. The robot will be turned on. Without any human control, the robot hand will approach, grasp and lift objects one-at-a-time, placing the objects in a box. (See the scoring rules for an available option = the robot placing grasped objects on a marked spot on the floor)
7. Time limit for each robot will be ten minutes. At the discretion of the judge, repetitive behavior that does not achieve a purpose can terminate the robot's time period.
8. Scoring:  A maximum score of 100 points is possible:
        2 points for each object grasped by the robot hand.
        1 point for each object lifted without dropping the object.
        1 point for each grasped object placed in the box.
        For a loss of 12 points, an option can be selected
             which eliminates the box. Instead of the box,
             the judge places tape on the floor to select the location
             of an "imaginary box". The robot scores 1 point for
             each grasped object placed on the tape.
             The judge immediately removes each object from the tape.
        For a loss of 24 points, an option can be selected
             which requires the judge to present the objects
             one-at-a-time to the robot hand.

9. Ties: We doubt that any robot will pick up all the objects from the floor, that is why this will not be a speed contest. No one cares how fast your robot can move. This is a contest of your skill as a robot builder. Any ties in the score will be resolved by repeating the contest, ie: a playoff between the tied robot hands.

24 March 2008

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Be sure to post after contest videos for us ;D


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