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Building a remote control Sofa/chair

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To begin I would appreciate any help in regards to parts that I should use, as well as tips.
My project: Turn a couch or chair into a ridable vehicle
The basics are I would like it to be able to move about 500lbs (in the case of the sofa) at roughly 10-25mph
Currently I'm considering using car batteries, a transmitter, a receiver and H-bridges.. are there any other electronics I would need? Also Any help that could be provided for motors that would be powerful enough would be greatly appreciated.


im thinking 4x4 drive using wheelchair motors

Thats sort of something I was considering. Would two wheelchair motors be enough to power that you think? I've used deWalt drill motors on a 120lb robot which was able to move around a 180lb man sitting on it, so would there be any smaller motors that would be able to do the job (cost is sort of an issue looking for it to be <$500)

yea two wheelchair motors would probably be fine also

get high power 24V ones

You would have to use some very big tires to be able to go 25 mph !

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im thinking 4x4 drive using wheelchair motors

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