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Hi everyone
I followed instruccions about moding my servo futaba S128 and it effectively rotates continuosly but I cant gain control over the velocity at which it turns... I send different pulse widths at high but the speed remains the same... the only time I can mod the velocity is when I change the low pulse widths... but I dont think this is the way it should work. Ill apreciate any positive feedback thanks.

Did you turn the potentiometer until the servo stopped? Are using an R/C setup? If so mess around with the controls on the transmitter. Are you sure it is modifyable?

you dfinitely got problems with the potentiometer , check the internal gears again and see if they are sticking well or not


--- Quote from: superchiku on April 18, 2008, 11:31:05 AM ---check the internal gears again and see if they are sticking well or not

--- End quote ---

What do you mean with that?
There's no problem with the gears, the TS already mentioned the servo rotates OK.

sometimes it happens like that , i had this servo once which had a certain kinda loose connection although the potentiometer wasnt set correct still the servo used to rotate continuously after correcting that but once i used glue on the gears again , it worked perfectly


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