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an interesting article that suggests robots will not take over the world with nukes, but by simple darwinian evolution (they outcompete us, leaving humans to slowly die off like neanderthals). it also suggests that maybe robots dont 'take over the world' per se, but instead humans highly augment themselves as cyborgs.

the latter idea is nothing new, but it has other applications, such as for SETI . . .

an interesting point was made that if say there are other intelligent lifeforms in the universe, chances are they are either robots, or robotic augmented life, based on the above conclusions . . .

hehe, maybe aliens arent actually telepathic, but just have internet instant messenger chips in their head and are too lazy to talk  :P

We're on the same hypothetical page on this one.   I've even considered that a "gray" might be an interesting model for future android construction.  Some say they are androids or cyborgs.

With the advent of biocomputing, I could see growing some sort of wireless IO.  If an electric eel can store a charge, then why can't we grow a radio, for instance.  The organic circuitry that regulates our heart beat is another example of "biocom" potential.  SW might be better than microwave for this sort of development.  And there's always IR.  Maybe a biologically hot spot can be shuttered like one of the lights on a ship.  Dot-Dot-Dash-Dot...

Biotech is the most advanced form of nanotech.

in the future, restaurants wont just have food, but also wall sockets at every table to plug ourselves in to  :P

odd thought . . .

I'll go solar, so I can eat out for free.   ;D


--- Quote ---I've even considered that a "gray" might be an interesting model for future android construction.
--- End quote ---

This sounds a little bit “Art Bellish” to me – by definition, an Android just needs to have a human-like form, so I guess just about any of the popular ideas of alien forms would fit the description. It occurred to me a long time ago, that the term “Droid” used for robots in the Star Wars movies doesn’t really apply to R2D2 – if the term is short for “android” – as the character doesn’t have a humanoid shape.

--- Quote ---Dot-Dot-Dash-Dot...
--- End quote ---

Technically, in Navy or HAM radio parlance, that should be “Dih-Dih-Dah-Dit”.

--- Quote ---wall sockets at every table to plug ourselves in to
--- End quote ---

I actually did something kind of similar to that at work just yesterday... :o


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