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want to creat a car moving on wall...please help...

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I want to make a robo car which moves on wall maybe by using some suckers which hold the car on the wall....
I don't know anything abt robots...i just completed my Btech 1st year...
can anyone tell me how to get a circuit for it...and is the material required for it....???

please help me.....

                          Thank you....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont know whether this is a crazy or a good idea but the electronics wont be that difficult all you need is a good understanding of microcontrollers and programming although i dont think youll need those things, actuators like the servo will be required but i cant really say anything abt the actual suction material or whatever you need to attach on to the wall..

and please dont repost, it can be quite annoying sometimes

something like this?

That is wicked awesome.
I'm thinking a good use would be for Soldiers or SWAT teams.

It would have to be pretty noisy (I didn't look to see if there was a video with sound), so stealth would likely be an issue.  But if you threw the human head that Asellith posted here ontop of it, you would have something that would freak the bejesus out of most any criminal.


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