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For some time I have been looking for a Robot club in the Baltimore/Washington area. I did find and joined Pennbots with my 10 and 11 year old grandsons, but they are a 2 hour drive from here add another hour to pick up the kids. Does anyone know of a closer group?

For those who haven't found them yet, Pennbots has competitions for Ant and Beetle class battle bots (1 and 3 pound) as well as Flea (150 gm) every 90 days or so. They have a standing prize for an autonomous bot that can win the competition. They are also attempting to have Maze, Line Following, and Mine Sweeping competitions for autonomous bots, but they didn't have enough entrants for the 12/16 competition. The thing I like most about them is they have competitors ranging from 7 to 70 or thereabouts.



actually ive been trying to start a club in the Baltimore/Washington area!!! unfortunately there isnt one yet  :-\

i want to have a robot sumo competition in january

but interest seems to have wanned and it might get rescheduled . . .
sign up here if you want to come even if your not bringing a robot

im still trying to arrange for a place at UMD to have our first meeting

Your date is bad for me because it conflicts with Cabin Fever Expo up in York, PA. You also might be interested in the miniature machine tools.

I am interested in Sumo myself, but the grandkids want to smash something! As a programmer by profession (this time around) I am intrigued by the autonomous thing, but I think that could be a stretch for the kids. I would come out for a meeting or competition if I don't have a conflict, but I still don't have a bot.

I read on the CAMS forum that the Electronics Museum in Linthicum, MD was looking into starting a club.


Which are you closer to Baltimore or DC? cause there a good distance away from eachother (relatively speaking). Im closer to the Baltimore reigon specifically Parkville/Loch Raven area, anywhere near those?


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