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Hello again,

ages since I've been on here. I have been given "123 Robotics experiments for the evil genius" for christmas and it requires the BASIC Stamp 2 as its controller. It comes with the PCB but requires everything else. I was wondering if any of you had a surplus Stamp 2 module that I could have for under thirty dollars (AU) plus postage. Please let me know if you do.


I agree that basic stamp are a expensive kinda controller to use.

I would prefer PIC, or 8051 inatead it cost around 10 bucks.

Try it out.


I suggest buying the PIC one in the Evil Genius series

It's much cheaper to start developing for

Don't get me wrong, parallax make some cool looking stuff, but it's way overpriced

I would say these Basic Stamps seem to be good for people who want to learn from half way up the ladder and want lots of functonality for very little hardware and simple code. However, I have never tried them.

PICs and 8051s are often heralded as the things to go for, for learning at least.

A friend of mine recently gave  me a BS2sx and I have been fiddling round with it a bit, in some ways the codes are very like the javascript I am accustomed to. I have found it quite simple to use, although I think I am missing half the tags for it, if anyone knows where on the net to find them, could you please let me know?


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