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max471 current sense IC

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As replacement components for two circuits I designed and built, I am looking to buy more DIP MAX471CPA current sense IC's. Digikey no longer has them in stock. Anyone know where I can find some?

Unfortunately, they seem to be a discontinued product:

They have 'replacement' versions, but none of them are in a DIP package.  :'(

Assuming I cannot get a replacement with the same pinout . . . anyone know of any other current sense IC's with a DIP package?

I found this available at Digikey:
but unfortunately it is also discontinued, with 'replacement' versions that also wont work . . .

H&R Enterprises lists on their inventory search page that they have 7683 of them in stock. They're a parts "headhunter" firm, that specializes in obsolete parts - so expect to pay a premium for anything you get from them. I'll try to ask my power supply IC "guru" if he knows of any pin-for-pin equivs in an 8-Dip package, If I can get in touch with him before the New Year.


Yea I found that on findchips.com after I made this post. I sent a request, hopefully I get lucky. They had originally cost $6.20 each, so Im willing to pay around that . . .

If not a pin for pin (worse case), at least an 8 pin DIP that does the same thing.

just got this email from Maxim:

"Dear Sir,
Thank you for your interest in Maxim Integrated Products. As of now, there is no replacement for MAX471 in DIP package.
Cust Apps Engineer"


That isn't unusual for MAX parts - they do tend to make a lot of parts that are Sole-Source items. Still - I wouldn't give up quite yet. Maxim isn't necessarily likely to let you know if one of their competitors offers a similar product in the same package.


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