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I am supposed to make a demining robot as my final year engineering project

The basic idea i have is that a metal detector will detect the landmines ,ultrasonic sensors will detect obstacles .

I plan to use 8051 controller to control the working.

Plan is to retrieve the landmine when it is sensed.

My basic problem is with the interfacing of the circuits with the controller.

It sounds like a challenging project for a single undergrad to take on – are you working alone, are there more people on your team? Hopefully, the exercise isn’t meant to yield a practical solution to mine detection, but only to demonstrate your approach to solving an engineering problem. 

A metal detector would work for many of the larger anti-tank mines, and mines left over from WWII and the Korean War era; but most modern anti-personnel mines are made of plastic, and are difficult to detect - especially in highly mineralized ground. Most current mine detectors use ground-penetrating radar. The recovery of mines is also a tricky issue. It’s simpler to just detonate them in-place in a safe manner, than to try to dig them up and transport them.

considered hacking those metal detectors that old retired guys use on the beach?

i also found this neat easily hackable toy:
"The Metal Detector Rover is a remote control vehicle and working metal detector in one! Uncle Milton Metal Detector Rover has built-in treasure sound and light alerts, and a video game style controller."

I probably shouldn’t admit this – but I’ve been one of those “old retired guys” using a detector since I was about 13 years old. For one thing, I live in the California desert, and there are ghost towns, gold nuggets, and lots of old relics lying around, just for the finding. For another, I get a little edge from my ability to “tweak” a detector or magnetometer to meet my own requirements. There are also miles of beaches within easy driving distance, where people have dropped coins and jewelry for hundreds of years. I guess I was born with “salvage in my blood” – and being lucky enough to have found several gold nuggets and lots of jewelry (including diamond watches and rings) has kind of hooked me on the hobby. I figure that when I am actually able to retire, I will still be one of those weird old farts walking around in unstylish shorts, picking up stuff others have lost.

I am not alone into this project.
We are four of us.

I completely agree with the fact that detonating the landmine is better than retrieving them, but the problem is how ?

One possible solution is to use electronic compass but they are too complicated for interfacing with the controllere and too expensive anyways.


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