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Duplicating the new Futaba robot (hpi)



ok firstly i am not a complete new bee, just that i have managed to stay away from micro controllers!
most of my robots till now have been manually controlled ones. ;D

after watching videos of the new futaba robot and many similar ones which dance and are able to roll , i thought its time i started to try to make one!
but after going thru a lot of designs i figured out , firstly its not possible to manually control it!

so i need halp regarding the micro controller selection and all , since i am funded by my university cost is not a major major issue ( a budget betw 0 to 350 $).
 i have been provided with 5 futaba 403PR and 5 of  404PD robot servos for this project, and i have a decant amount of knowledge in C++ and would prefer a USB communication betw the pc and the micro controller.

and could u also help me with any  other majour issues i am over looking.
lastly could u please explain the difference betw normal futaba S3003 servos and these robot servos

there are 3 or 4 people on this forum actively building a biped, just search the forum for 'biped' . . .

i am also planning on building a biped, but i havnt thoroughly looked at commercially available controllers yet for this purpose. generally you want something small and light-weight, with as many digital outputs as you have of servos. im probably going to custom design mine as i havnt been too impressed with what ive seen . . .

--- Quote ---would prefer a USB communication betw the pc and the micro controller
--- End quote ---
microcontrollers can do both USB and serial, but serial is generally easier. dont sweat this - if the controller uses serial and your laptop only has usb, just buy a usb-to-serial converter for like $15.

--- Quote ---explain the difference betw normal futaba S3003 servos and these robot servos
--- End quote ---
normal servos just take in an input signal, and then moves according to that signal. robot servos have an additional feature - if you move it to a position, it will output a signal to your controller. why is this useful? it makes programming walking gaits as easy as moving your robot around like a doll, then saving the output signal. the commercially available bipeds such as robonova have this feature.

i have never actually done this before tho . . . so im not entirely sure how you command the servo to output the signal or the best way for a microcontroller to read the signal . . . anyone know?

I would recommend you look at this:


You would need to buy 2 more servos, plus something to control them.

Or, you could look at this for something simpler:


- Jon


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