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A servo i had made a noise like it ticked over a few gear teeth, and now it just makes noise. Is this permanent damage, or is there a way to repair this problem?

open it up and have a look.
damaged teeth should be pretty easy to see.

i know i have seen replacement gear sets for servos but that will depend on what make of servo you have.


I opened it up and the gears are stripped out. I decided its really not worth my time to replace the gears because they will probably strip out again, so I am looking at purchasing better servos with karbonite gears.

The servos I have now are 180 degrees, but the ones I am looking at buying is only 90 degrees. Does anyone know of a tutorial on how to increase the servo range from 90 to 180 degrees?

the gears have a built in stopping point, there is a tutorial on how to modify to 360 degrees but i dont think you can do 180

a product you can buy that attaches to a servo for changing angles/torque:

i havnt seen the instructions to it, but i called and asked and supposedly you have to modify the servo and attach a special circuit for it to work . . .

look into it, you might be able to find out how.


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