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    MY name is chinni krishna from india.i am very much new to robotics.I need a lot of help about robotics,especillay MCU.I bought intel 8051 chips but i don't know what to do with them.After reading your article on microcontollers i understood that ,microcontroller is like a processor and i need a motherboard to work with it and programmer to program it and compiler like operating system.i am willing to spend about 3000 ie., about 75$.i checked out cerebellum but they stopped manufacturing it.i browsed the sites you gave,but i cannot make out if they are selling chips or along with mother boards.so please kindly furnish me with the information about the companies which sell microcontrollers with motherboards and if possible built in programmer.also it would be very kind of that if you have any unsed cellebrum microcontrollers i am ready to buy it as i found it is only 40$.please kindly help me.

Hey there,

The microcontroller you are using is of the 8051 variety. I've spent 2 years using it.

I've been using the atmel chips (mainly the AT89S53) and I use this programmer


and this is a nice book which I have ( I just did a search for '8051' on amazon to find it )


To get the C code in the right fashion to be used in the chip, I have been using the free Keil compiler


The magazine EPE (Everyday Practical Electronics) also has tutorials about how to program in C for the PIC microcontroller. Personally, i'm finding the PIC to be a lot more forgiving and easy to develop for. Plus there seems to be a lot more resources avalable for it than the 8051.

However, if I were going to teach anybody about programming microcontrollers in C, I would seriously give them a copy of this as it gives a very lighthearted approach to initailly complex matters, which I like:


It can be a really hefty operation to get yourself started on microcontrollers, but once you've had a few goes at a few examples you will soon realise it's not all that bad, especially if you have that last book I just put up :)

Oh, and also I haven't read it, but this book only just came out...........looks pretty good


Hope the links help

Ian :)

I'm also new in electronic, and have the same budget. I need help deciding what is a good cheap pic for a biginner. Also what is good cheap software for compilination. maybe even a programing board. Thanks

A nice PIC to begin with is the PIC16F628A.

I would suggest buying this also http://www.quasarelectronics.com/3128.htm

but if you are a beginner, and don't know whether you will continue using PICs then maybe construct your own. A search on google should be quite revealing.

This may affect your decision (and other people who visit SoR often) . . .

All source code I write and post in my tutorials will be for the PIC 16F877. Im going back into using AVRs soon, so will often post source for those too. This basically means that if you use either of those microcontrollers, Ill make your life a little easier with working source code :P


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