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before i start what is MCU?

hey chinni didnt anyone tell you not to give away you personal information on the internet. people can track you down and steal your identity and commit crimes with your identity!!!!!

well by the sounds of it you have never programmed a microcontroller in your life. if that is the case try picaxe (www.picaxe.com) and if you do know some programming us it anyway. it is really easy to use, they are dirt cheap, the programming software is super cheap (well actually it is free) and you dont need much electrical knowledge to start using picaxe. all you need is a breadboard, a picaxe chip (i suggest the 18X) some resistors, some leds, 1 computer and a programming cable (which you can make) for like US$5. im not sure if you have people who sell picaxe in india but im sure you can order it online from the picaxe website. then download the programming editor software from the website, open up the help files and start by getting the leds to work, then make them blink, then get a speaker and get that to work, then get a ldr and use readadc on it and learn about variables and then take it from there.

wait i just remembered sometimes you wont be able to download the programming editor software, the download just stops in the middle. get a friend using a different internet service provider and see if he can download it.

well i hope this helps
if you get stuck with code use the picaxe forum - they know what they are doing and you are bound to have a reply in less than 24 hours

Hey, I hadn't really looked at PICAXE before but it actually looks really good.

I would probably choose that if I were to learn again.

I think MCU stands for microcontroller unit.

--- Quote ---A nice PIC to begin with is the PIC16F628A.

I would suggest buying this also http://www.quasarelectronics.com/3128.htm

but if you are a beginner, and don't know whether you will continue using PICs then maybe construct your own. A search on google should be quite revealing.
--- End quote ---
contruct my own programmer? Will the programmer kit in the link work with the PIC16F628A and PIC16F877? What extras will I need to buy to be able to use it?

--- Quote ---This may affect your decision (and other people who visit SoR often) . . .

All source code I write and post in my tutorials will be for the PIC 16F877. Im going back into using AVRs soon, so will often post source for those too. This basically means that if you use either of those microcontrollers, Ill make your life a little easier with working source code
--- End quote ---
So you will use that pic in the $50 robot tutorial you are currently writting?


--- Quote ---So you will use that pic in the $50 robot tutorial you are currently writting?
--- End quote ---
I will use AVR for the $50 bot. But if the demand is high, I can also write code for the PIC, too.

Could you tell me the model number and such so that I could maybe get it now and get familiar with it, until the tutorial is completed.


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