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Hi guys! Is there any way to make your own microcontroller moreover,Is there any alternate to microcontrollers?

In reference to this page:

So you can easily go out and buy non-augmented microcontrollers (just the little black chip) for really cheap. There are many different types, and you can just get the simplest one that you need.

But in reality, you would still need to add your own augmentation (additional resistors, capacitors, timing crystals, rs232 stuff, fuses, etc.) , as specified by the datasheet and your own requirements.

At first it can all seem daunting and overwhelming, but its actually not hard at all if you have basic level electronics design knowledge.

Did you mean designing the chip itself? I think there are a few companies that do custom silicon printing, but this might be expensive and impractical.

There are many brands and types of microcontrollers, so no, you're not limited to just one kind (like the basic stamp). You can also build your own motherboard with a simple CPU (like a 16-bit Z80), some RAM and an EEPROM, as well as your own I/O chips (which I think is what the admin was suggesting).

really? Because I am super poor and probably unable to buy something already programed. How would you do that? Set up one, I mean.

If by setup you mean building the interface or controller board itself, there are many boards like the Mark III controller board from Junun that have schematics for the PCB, and you could then just buy the components, BUT the components could run you $20 with shipping, and unless you are very very skilled on making your own PCB's you will have to get some company to make you the PCB for over $20. The board itself from junun is $30. So really unless you own many many electronic components, microcontrollers, and know hoe to wire wrap, or make your own .2 mil PCB's, its better just to buy the thing and save your self the trouble.


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