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Hi, any tips on how to start?


What materials, electronics, microcontrolers and servos would you recommend to get started in robotics taking into account both price and ease of use?

Funny you should ask . . .

The night you posted this, I started work on my next tutorial - a step-by-step how to build a robot, optimized almost solely for simplicity and low cost.

I didnt reply tho cause I was hoping others would offer ideas up, first . . .

For the long answer, you will have to wait and see . . .  ;)

But for the short answer:
An AVR Atmel Microcontroller, 2 HS-311 Servos, a NiMH 6V battery, HDPE, and two photoresistors would be part of an ideal robot for what you ask . . .
look for each on this page:


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