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ps2 controller to servo
« on: June 28, 2008, 04:18:14 PM »

Please help

I am trying to run a 12 v windshield wiper moter with a PS2 controller as an input device

I have the ps2 controller hooked up to a “ http://www.cheapcontrolsystems.com” board .
When I hook up servos (futaba s148) this board operates fine

I have a “scorpion xl board” hooked to a 12v motor when I use a servo tester (Astro 105 servo tester  “www. Astroflight.com”) to the scorpion board it runs the motor just fine

When I plug the “scorpion xl board” to the “cheapcontrolsystems board “ NOTHING HAPPENS.

The separate boards operate just fine independently but together they don’t seem to communicate…why???? What can I do???

John Lazear
[email protected]

scorpion xl    “www.robotpower.com”
ps2 controller
12v battery
6v battery
Windshield wiper motor

Servo futaba s148
Astro 105 servo tester “www. Astroflight.com

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Re: ps2 controller to servo
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2008, 08:13:31 AM »
Im not entirely clear on what you are trying to do . . .

PS2 controller -> cheapcontrolsystems servo controller -> scorpion XL -> DC motor

is that right? conceptually it seems it will work . . . get out a multimeter and measure voltages at all the pins. also, use the frequency function and measure the pins that recieve a servo signal.

let us know what you determine . . .

for reference


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