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I have tried to make a rf remote for my robo base plate.

four keys viz: forward, backward, left and right, produce 4-bit binary codes when pressed.

these codes are applied to the control lines of L293 motor driver IC.

key     codes
         D3  D2  D1  D0
F        0    1    1    0
B        1    0    0    1
L        1    0    1    0
R        0    1    0    1

I want to transmit these codes to the driver IC wirelessly using a RF module.

The problem is that the module i have got transmits data on a single pin and the encoder decodr pair i have used donot produce accurate conversion of the codes onto a single line(pin)

I need help in converting the codes faithfully into a voltage
and transmiting it over the module and then converting the voltage level recieved into a 4-it code accurately.

urgently require suggestions.

Is this a rf module like this one:

why don't you describe your whole system from key press all the way to motor moveing so we can get a better idea of what is going on.

I'm guessing what you need to do is send the serial command over the TX module, then have that RX module hooked up to your microcontrolers serial port and then have that micro controller output whatever it needs to to get the motors running (whatever this L293 needs....)

sorry i can't help more...i'm tired :-\

the RF module i'm using is

I donot have a microcontroller on board. And yes i need to convert the binary code to some voltage level ( may be a decimal value) over the TX module.

On recieving this voltage i need to convert it back into the binary code
and apply the code to pin no. 2,7,10 and 15 of the driver IC.
i've attached the data sheet and i'm using the DIP 16 pin version.

actually the stuff works perfectly when i connect the code directly to the driver IC.
its only that i need to make it wireless

well....you need a micro controller and then you can send serial signals at 9600bps to that micro controller which will then output to your L293.....I sugest either a PIC (16 or 18 series) or an AVR Atmega (8 or bigger). some thing like this: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=29 will allow you to put all your stuff in one place.
....other than that I don't know of an i/c that will work for you.

Instead of an analog voltage level, you could generate a different DTMF frequency for each command, using a touchtone keypad. Modulate the transmitted carrier with the tone, and feed the received tone into a DTMF tone decoder, such as an LM567. The circuit shown in the link below could be adapted to feed the digital code you want directly into your motor driver.



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