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polar bear6:
i was thinking about buying a parrlax sonar for my BoeBot, but when i realised it costed 50$+shipping here in norway, i thought "F$¤K that sh1t"
so i put that thought aside.
but yesterday i was at this shop where they sell all kinds of stuff, and they had this rangefinder thing that is mean to use to messure distances inside houses, and i looked at it and i saw that inside there were 2 sonar disks, they wernt as small ass the PING)) sensor, but it were sonars, im am sure of that, and to my amusement, they were on sale and costed only 15$!
is it most likly that this thing is hackable? i read the manual and it didnt say anything about what distances it could messure....

Steve Joblin:
Before you spend $15 on a device that you may have trouble hacking, check out http://www.lawicel-shop.se/shop/

they sell a variety of solutions from several companies... they are in Sweeden so hopefully the prices will be "reasonable" for you in Norway.

I think a better question is.....what isn't hackable? :P

have you tried this site?

they are located in UK so shipping should be cheaper for you . . .

the best way to see if something is hackable is either buy it and break it open, or call up the company and ask to speak to the engineers - they are always willing to help.


--- Quote from: Admin on January 21, 2007, 10:02:10 PM ---...or call up the company and ask to speak to the engineers

--- End quote ---

Really? I've never heard of doing such a thing. It makes good sense cause there can be no better way to find out about a product you are gonna hack but I can't imagine actually doing that. In my mind it's like calling the White House and asking to speak to the president. lol


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