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Two Transmitters on One Receiver!??

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I am constructing my first robot and am in high school, so I do not have great exposure to robot construction.
Now that my intro is done, here's my question:
Is it possible to use TWO 4-channel transmitters to control a robot that is equipped with only ONE 8-channel receiver?
I think I know what I have to do, but am not very sure how to implement my idea. Since every channel has a (slightly)different frequency, I could possibly assign the first 4 channels on the receiver to the first transmitter, and the second four channels on the receiver to the second transmitter. However, this assigning of channels is what is creating a problem for me. First, is it possible to assign channels like that? If it is not, could other ideas work?

More background info:
The 2 transmitters are Hitec Laser 4 75Mhz(surface, 4 channels) each, and the receiver is a regular surface 8-channel receiver.
Our school's budget, my limited knowledge, and the remaining time unfortunately do not let me explore microcontrollers and some 7-channel programmable transmitters. However I will learn how to work with 'em if those are what are required for my job. Just waiting for ur feedback....

Thanks a lot

lol i dont have a clue about RC, and hey im in highschool as well(the only one who knows anything about robots  :(), But no i dont think this would work. Since the transmission is a certain frequency each channel is looking for a specific frequency and i dont beleive you can do that.

why do you need to use the same receiver?
why not just use separate 4 channel receivers for each transmitter, both operating on different frequencies?


if you have a programmable remote, i think you can select which channels are used, allowing two remotes for one receiver . . . not sure though . . .

this is the remote i have sitting on my desk right now:
it has some programming functionality, but ive never needed that yet - not sure what it can do . . . check the manual . . .

--- Quote ---why not just use separate 4 channel receivers for each transmitter, both operating on different frequencies?
--- End quote ---
probably the easiest way to go about it. i did that for this robot:
getting two people to control one robot as a team was the hard part . . . :P

I guess I will just stick to the sumo_robot design. It seems to be the easiest to implement. I was just trying to avoid the use of another receiver, but it's alright.

Thanks a lot.


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