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Question about Taurus 2


Hey! I haven't been to SoR for a while, and I noticed a lot of new tutorials! I've read through most of them and I think you did a great job!

Anyway, I was looking at the page about the Taurus 2, and I was wondering about the transparent plastic rods that connect the top servo to the bottom servo for each wheel. Was there a reason you did this instead of moving the top servo down, right above the bottom servo?

thanks! my new tutorials are soooo much better than my old ones. ive even started to completely rewrite my old ones.

to be honest, taurus 2 was such a badly planned out robot . . . most of what i did was because i didnt know any other way to do it. i was very much a beginner back then . . .

there was no particular reason the servos were up there. that rotating rod of clear plastic was wobbly and somewhat mechanically complicated. thinking about it now, i think your idea is better. :P


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