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How to conect a CRS Robot ARM to Rhino Controler


Hi everyone. I'm new here and hope to stay longer, because I love robots.

I have recently purchased a robot arm (CRS Robot Arm) and I already have a Rhino Arm Robot with controller and I'm trying to connect the CRS Robot Arm to the Rhino Controller. Does anyone knows how to do so? Or does anyone has a schematic (diagram) that illustrate the connections of th CRS Robot Arm? I think it's OptiCoder. Any help would be appreciated

for reference:

I found the pinouts for the Rhino here:

I dont think the Mark III controller can be used for the CRS arm - it really depends on how much control is in software vs built into inaccessible hardware. The DOF are different, as well as the encoders, motors, dynamic mechanical response rates, etc. But I really dont know much about the Mark III controller other than what is on that site . . .

I found a little on the CRS C500C controller here:

The CRS arm brochure says they have a dedicated technical support team, might be worth giving them a call. They can at least supply a pinout . . .

Some expensive hardware you got there, Im assuming this is for industry use? :P
The CRS arm is listed for $59k+!!!


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