Author Topic: soldered $50 Robot dip socket backwards  (Read 1662 times)

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soldered $50 Robot dip socket backwards
« on: August 30, 2008, 01:22:07 AM »
Hey everyone,

I'm in the process of doing the soldering for the $50 robot and when I attached the DIP socket I didn't notice the half-circle indent on the end.  I ended up putting it on backwards, so that the half circle is on the edge of the board rather than in the middle like the pictures in the tutorial.  My question is, is the DIP socket symmetric, so I can correct this mistake by just putting the microcontroller on the correct way? Or do the little half-circles need to line up? I've already completed a lot of the soldering so I'd rather not have to redo everything.

I checked the data sheet and everything on there seemed to suggest it is symmetric

Please forgive my extreme noobishness, im just starting to get my feet wet in robotics

thanks a lot

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Re: soldered $50 Robot dip socket backwards
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2008, 01:32:29 AM »
Put the microcontroller into the socket with the indent toward the middle of the board and your robot will be fine.   If you give it away don't forget to tell the new owner!   ;D


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Re: soldered $50 Robot dip socket backwards
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2008, 05:38:18 PM »
The half circle on the socket is just to remind you which way to put the chip in. If you've soldered the socket in the wrong way around then don't worry. So long as you insert the controller the correct way round it will be ok.
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