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polar bear6:
PIC16C57 and PIC16F57, what is the diffrence?
i think i read somewhere that the F stands for flash or something, and that it is hobby friendly.
i was going to buy another BS2 to make nightrider lights for my moped, and it costs really much and then i found this one here:
the BS2 needs a PIC16C57, and i only have a F57, does it really matter if it is not C?

side by side comparison between PIC16C57 and PIC16F57:

the C version is obsolete, and the F is its replacement.

I think the C versions are single burn, i.e., they're not reprogrammable, whereas the Fs are just the opposite. Can anyone confirm this?

trigger is correct.
Microchip has discontinued a lot of the "c" range.

to the best of my knowledge, as long as the rest of the part number is the same, you use the 2 parts in exactly the same way except you can reprogram the "f" chip.

(who has never actually used a "c" type pic...)

Not quite.

The C versions were, at least for one chip, using EEPROM, which works pretty much the same way as flash.

I cut my teeth on PIC programming back in 1998 with 16C84, which was THE hobbiest PIC back then. And it worked exactly like the F-chips now.

- Jon


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