Author Topic: Tweaking an existing component to a new component - EagleCAD custom components  (Read 15545 times)

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I was reading this tutorial for making custom parts in Eagle CAD :

In the tutorial it says the following:
step 4The easy way or the hard way.
To design a part in eagle you must define a device, package, and symbol. Each aspect has its own set of layers that you must keep straight. Again you are left with two choices. The easy way, in which you copy a similar part and tweak it to match your specifications. This is of course in contrast to making one from scratch. For this instructable we will design one from scratch.

Anyone know of any guides online of doing it the easy way - tweaking an existing part ?
I tried google and the forum , but still nothing.

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I've used that tutorial several times - reread it a bit more carefully, as he explains both the easy and the hard way. You just have to pay attention a bit more to which way is which.

You basically need to open your own library, but enter a command line (a bit tricky and annoying) that copies over a part from another library, and then finally edit it for your own evil plans.

Not if only Eagle was intuitive . . . that would be amazing!


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