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I have two Fairchild QRB1134 light sensors.  I'm wondering, can these be used in avoiding objects or made to work as photorove robots?

Any help is appreciated!

QRB113 datasheet for reference

that sensor is a reflective IR sensor - meaning it is designed to detect objects right in front of it, and sometimes the IR reflectivity of an object.

unfortunately for you the range is really really short:
  .5" maximum range
  .14" most sensitive range

the picture will give you a good idea of how short the range is

however, that sensor would be great for an encoder or white line detector


--- Quote from: Admin on February 06, 2007, 01:57:36 PM ---unfortunately for you the range is really really short:
  .5" maximum range
  .14" most sensitive range

--- End quote ---

Maybe it could also be used instead of a bump switch as a collision detector. But I think it would be very sensitive to the color of the material it came in contact with. I used a similar sensor in college and it was very sensitive to changes in texture, hue, etc.

I like these sensors a lot because they are a neat package and can be mounted pretty easily.

I'm sure you can get some with longer ranges.

i made a similar robot. it uses an ldr and a high intensity white led for the sensor. i had the ldr under the led and the led at a slight angle so that the light will bounce off the wall and directly into the ldr. unfortunately the robot could only detect whiteish objects and couldnt detect my couch (dark brown) and a plank of wood. also the object had to be extremely close (maybe around 0.3cm-1cm / 0.15in-0.4in) and if the led and ldr got too close to the wall it would bend and not detect the light. i made the robot so that it slowed down if it thought the wall was getting close but it didnt slow down enough most of the time. also it only worked at night as there is too much ambient light.

i suggest that you use an ir rangefinder as it is much easier with it, it detects objects from far away and it works 24/7 (i think).


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